What is Exclusively.In? is the world class destination for the Indian-inspired luxury lifestyle. We bring you unprecedented access to the best in Indian-inspired apparel, jewelry and accessories. Our hand-curated selections are chosen for their styling and quality. Consider this your passport to all that is Indo-chic. The company is a pioneer in Indian e-commerce, and is the world’s leading online retailer of Indian fashion. The company has offices in New Delhi and New York City, and a strong, tightly-knit team dedicated to bringing world-class products from India to the global marketplace.

Our Story

There are many classic tales of adventure seekers who left home and struck out to other worlds to discover something new and exciting. No matter how far those heroes traveled, they always carried with them the romanticized memories of their homelands. At Exclusively.In, ours is in some ways the next chapter in that story. We began as a small group of Indian-Americans who grew up with romantic notions of the classic India our parents left behind decades ago, choosing to discover new futures of their own. And so it was that a handful of friends, relatives and business partners began to arrive in New Delhi during the Spring of 2010. Some came with return tickets in hand, and others simply arrived with two suitcases. All of us came with our eyes and minds wide open to the possibilities of this new land of opportunity. India is a changed land from the idealized place our parents left behind — it is a nation on the move in all directions, all at once.


Our Goal

To share the intricate beauty of today’s India with the world. A lofty goal indeed, but the unending array of colors, textures and details of the Indian cityscape stirs great inspiration in each of the people who started on this adventure together. Nowhere is this more evident than in the burgeoning Indian fashion industry, where every boundary is being tested by the convergence of technology and ancient craftsmanship. Digital patterns and striking colors adorn the modern sari, and international quality standards are being brought to bear on generations-old garment manufacturing processes. As the world awakens to the beauty of our ancient civilization, India too is awakening to the tastes and expectations of the outside world. We are here to facilitate this exchange, and continue to add to the rich tapestry of our Indian heritage. With an enormous amount of gratitude to our customers, vendors and supporters, and a deep respect for each of our teammates, we look forward to new adventures and discoveries in this amazingly inspiring place.


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